Celebrating 65 Years of
Service to the Community

Welcome to Stella Maris Cleveland!

Stella Maris’ mission is to provide quality chemical dependency treatment and mental health services to our community regardless of race, sex, religion or ability to pay. Stella Maris will strive to make services available to all those seeking treatment based on presenting need and available treatment capacity. Stella Maris recognizes that alone we cannot meet the total needs of our community and will work with other community resources to improve the availability of appropriate services for the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions.

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The Stella Maris Vegetable Garden!

Dennis Madden Award

We want to thank Stella Maris alumni and residents for the hard work they put in on cultivating a vegetable garden in our back yard. Its bounty has given our residents some sumptuous garden salads for lunch and dinner, while reducing our food costs. Let's hope we can keep this project going for next year!